Obesity in Children – The Causes

I found this interesting article on the causes of childhood obesity and the risks involved with it.




Sports Participation in Children

I was looking on the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)  website to find statistics on children and sports participation. I found one article in particle that talks about children’s participation in organised sport. The stats show that participation in organised sports drops for kids aged between 12-14 years of age.

One of the statistics shows that Netball is the second most popular sport among girls (16%). I thought this statistic was relevant to my feature because the construction of the new pavillion will help the local netball association, Caulfield and District Netball Association (CDNA).


I looked on the Glen Eira City Council website for updates/news about the construction of the pavilion and found a few mentions of it in one of their city council news PDF. There is a news article that writes about the commencement of the works to the pavilion and also includes an artists impression on what the pavilion will look like.

Glen Eira City Council News – August 2012